About Us

The BrushStore is a division of Clow Group Ltd.

BrushStore History

The company was originally established in Glasgow in 1913 as a manufacturer of timber ladders and the company founder, William Jarvie Clow, soon expanded the business to include the manufacture and supply of tools, equipment and supplies direct to the paint and decorating trade.

Before establishing the company William had trained as a Master Painter and then worked as a sales representative for Paterson's Paints of Dundee. He sold supplies such as paints, linseed oil and turpentine to the painting industry throughout Scotland.

He became aware that the painters of the time didn't use extension ladders but used pole ladders. He considered the extension ladder offered considerable advantage over a single section pole ladder and saw an opportunity which he seized with both hands.

The company was founded in Broad Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow in March of 1913.

BrushStore - Professional Decorating Tools and EquipmentWith William's experience and knowledge of the paint and decorating trade he soon expanded the business to provide other tools and supplies to painters and decorators throughout Scotland and the north of England.

The company originally manufactured brushes and brooms by hand and as recently as the 1980's manufactured their own brand paint rollers at their paint roller factory based in Glasgow. Today the company's paint brushes and paint rollers are manufactured to their own exacting specifications at dedicated brush and roller manufacturing plants.

The Clow Group has established many recognisable products and trade names such as the 'Wilco', 'MidScot' and 'Royale' brush ranges together with the 'Superscot' and 'Contractor' paint roller brands.

The company headquarters are still located on the same street in Glasgow that the company was established in 1913 and it's still a family business. Cameron Clow, the current Managing Director, is great grandson of the company founder William Jarvie Clow and the fourth generation Clow to run the business.

Today the company has grown to become one of the largest independently owned manufacturers and suppliers of access equipment, professional decorating tools and sundry supplies to an extensive range of industrial users across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

With stock depots based in London, Midlands, Belfast and Glasgow the BrushStore @ Clow Group provides a national service and a comprehensive range of high quality professional decorating tools and equipment throughout the UK.