Why we think our Bill Posting Brush is of Superior Quality

10" Bill Poster Brush

What is Bill Posting

Bill posting is done by someone who posts promotional advertising material onto walls and billboards and is a skilled role often requiring lots of patience and the right tools for the job to ensure a clean wrinkle free application.

Natural Bristle vs Synthetic Bristle

Here at BrushStore we understand the need for a quality brush for this task and have therefore developed our new 10" Bill Poster Brush, which uses 100% pure natural bristle to give a smooth even finish.

Natural bristle has a rougher surface texture than synthetic bristle and has a number of advantages over synthetic bristle such as holding more glue meaning less loadings for the bill poster, it spreads further the first time thereby ensuring less overall work, it soaks up more water so there's a higher glue content applied to the billboard and finally it 'wears' to a shape which gives the user overall better control. Our brush has also been trimmed 1/4" to aid in glue retention.

However, one main disadvantage of natural bristle is that there tends to be a higher risk of bristle loss. For this reason we have developed our brush with 1/4" of the bristle fixed into the brush head with a strong expoxy resin to ensure a strong bond thereby greatly reducing the risk of bristle loss.

Our head stock comes with a pre-drilled 3/4" hole at a 30° angle and all ready for the fitting of a handle with a second pre-drilled fixing hole for a securing screw. Our 10" Bill Poster Brush is available ex-stock.